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img_86111-e1509129091566.jpgCosti Hinn and Anthony Wood are committed to exposing deceptions surrounding the modern “mystical-miracle” movement. Both have written and spoken extensively on the matter, describing it as, “Attempting to corrupt the evangelical church from the inside…”

Costi is the nephew of notorious “faith healer” Benny Hinn and grew up entrenched within the inner circle of greed and chicanery. Anthony founded a 2,000 person weekly ministry to college students and participated in conferences and television specials by infamous televangelists. These unique backgrounds inspire each man’s holy zeal for people to know the dangers involved with false teaching and false promises.

download.jpegHinn’s testimony and response to “The Prosperity Gospel” have recently been featured on CNN and Christianity Today. Wood’s posts on modern faith forgeries have been read by hundreds of thousands.

Ultimately, the book Defining Deception did not begin as a polemic piece but as a heartfelt plea for friends and family to be transformed by the truth of God’s Word. The work has now been reviewed and endorsed by some of today’s most respected pastors, theologians, and seminaries.

Hinn and Wood are humbled to share the story of how God rescued them675 out of the growing miracle-mystical movement and have a deep passion to help modern evangelicalism experience the life saving faith provided in the pure and simple teaching of Holy Scripture.

Costi is currently completing an M.Div from Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and Anthony is pursuing his doctorate from Gateway Seminary of the Southern Baptist Convention. Both men would enjoy hearing from you via Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or every Sunday at Mission Bible Church in Orange County, CA.

10 thoughts on “The Authors

  1. So glad I found your web site. Very much look forward to reading your upcoming book release, Defining Deception,
    It truly saddens me that so many people are easily deceived by unBiblical teachings. These false ‘messages’ are not from the Holy Spirit but an evil spirit who is determined to draw people away from the truth of the Gospel of grace into a false man-made doctrines that do not lead to eternal life, to only confusion, disappointment, and heart ache.

  2. First, I want to thank you for your commitment to the Bible. It must be the basis for our theology. Second, my pilgrimage has been the opposite of Costi’s. I grew up the opposite, in a Baptist family, ordained a Baptist minister, graduated from a Baptist University having majored and minored in religious studies; graduated from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, KY with a Master of Divinity, and much later in life received the Doctor of Ministry degree from a United Methodist seminary. I was raised in a fundamentalist, pre-trib rapture premillennial home. But, at 32 years old after 14 years an ordained Baptist I was convinced by the Bible that my views regarding the end-times, my dispensational views, my quasi-cessationist views were wrong. I became an evangelical that believed all the gifts were to continue until Jesus returned. From the study of the Bible I came to believe in diversity of experience related to being filled or baptized in the Spirit. (I spell out this position in my book, Baptized in the Spirit: God’s Presence Resting Upon You With Power. And, I relate the fruit of such experiences in my book, There Is More!:The Secret to Experiencing God’s Power to Change Your Life.) I saw from the Bible that Paul’s emphasis on the Holy Spirit was related to salvation, but Luke’s emphasis on the Holy Spirit was related to empowerment for ministry. These two views are not contradictory, but complementary. I discovered in church history that the gifts never truly ended as taught by cessationist. I noted that when one was baptized or filled with the Holy Spirit speech was often a sign; prophecy, proclaiming the gospel with boldness, praise, tongues. All of these or a combination of these could be an evidence of the baptism in the Spirit, but the most biblical sign was the increase in power to carry out the great commission. My challenge to both of you is to study the best, not the worst of the exegetical works on the subject. That being Dr. Jon Mark Ruthven’s, On the Cessation of the Charismata: The Protestant Polemic on Post-biblical Miracles. This is the gold standard. I have never read a response to Ruthven that refutes his exegesis of all relevant texts. Ruthven’s sequel is, What’s Wrong With Protestant Theology?: Tradition vs. Biblical Emphasis. Also, I wrote a response to Strange Fire, titled, The Essential Guide to the Power of the Holy Spirit: God’s Miraculous Gifts at Work Today. Another two works of very good exegesis related to the Third Wave Evangelical position which you believe is heretical are: Strangers to Fire: When Tradition Trumps Scripture, most of its contributing authors have earned doctorates from highly accredited institutions. The second, The Kingdom and the Power: Are Healing and the Spiritual Gifts Used by Jesus and the Early Church Meant for the Church Today?, edited by Dr. Gary Greig, and Kevin Springer with most all of the contributing authors self-identified as Evangelicals instead of Pentecostals.
    One more work must be mentioned, Dr. Craig Keener, professor of New Testament at Asbury Theological Seminary, two volume work, Miracles: The Credibility of New Testament Accounts, deals with the arguments against miracles today and in the New Testament itself.
    I believe you might be Calvinists, so in light of that fact, I want to recommend a Calvinist charismatic to you, Dr. Sam Storms who wrote, Practicing the Power: Welcoming the Gifts of the Holy Spirit in Your LIfe. All of these references were from the continuationist position. Ruthven from an Arminian position and Storms from a Calvinist position. Keener, though teaching at an Arminian school has a Baptist background. I really don’t know if he would define himself as a Calvinist or an Arminian.
    I have never been part of or identified myself as in the Word of Faith Camp. I do believe in modern day apostles, but not in anyone replacing the role of the 12 Apostles in the New Testament – I just recognize that the 12 are not the only ones mentioned in the N.T. as apostles. Having said that, I do not identify as part of the New Apostolic Reformation movement.
    I hope we can continue to dialogue and I do hope you will read the six books mentioned above, excluding my three. I do hope you would study them because they deal with exegesis of texts, not building up and tearing down straw persons.
    I also would appreciate it if Costi would email me so I can write him on a personal level rather than a blog or public place. I have things I would like to communicate at personal and private level.

    1. Thank you Randy for this response and perspective. I just finished the book, and the issue of cessationism or continuationism is not the central topic of this book from my reading.

      I’m curious as to why you do not identify as a part of the Word of Faith or the NAR?

  3. Thank you for exposing this non-biblical deceptive movement for what it is. I truly believe that many well meaning Christians are stuck in these places thinking that these pastors and teachers have secret knowledge. They want “more” of God and ignore what God has already given us. They are also fooled into thinking there is “more,” that if only they did x, y, or z, they would also “operate in the gifts,” or be able to conjure a spirit. They invent man-made laws and doctrines they think God has to run by. It is so absurd, yet the ones caught up in this movement cannot see it. I thankfully had the wool pulled away. First it was by reading the Word of God. It kept noticing that people were saying something opposite. The services were always about money, being wealthy, prosperity, and a supernatural power that no one in the congregation had. The pastors always claimed wild, crazy, and unbelievable encounters with angels, devils, and God…yet it didn’t line up with the Bible and scripture was frequently an after-thought to whatever “word” was from the Lord (or so we were told). I saw relatives become homeless because of this insidious evil doctrine. I saw others not get health treatments they needed. Both myself and many others were lied to by false prophecies and false prophets. Meanwhile the pastors drive Aston Martin’s and Porches in their “blessed life” now. They think they can control God’s power. That man is an ‘enforcer’ to what God has done. This is not anything taught in the Bible. No one can command a healing, or conjure God. Bethel students are told they can learn to prophecy and practice it, as one practices witchcraft. It is nothing but evil. The God of the Bible is not the same one that they serve. I’m 100% convinced of this now, though I used to think they were the ones on the “in crowd” and everyone else was dead, powerless, and possibly not Christian. They think they can “speak things into existence,” by taking verses vastly out of context. I want to tell them’ no you are not God, none of us are!” We can believe for things, but we are NOT God. These men and these false teachers tell people they can control God’s power. The power they want is not to live a holy life, etc, it is for personal gain and a name in their own ministry. For wealth, for want… It is gross. Once I repented for believing this false teaching, I could truly see it for what it was.

    It is nothing but lies meant to keep people deceived and in bondage. The bondage is that you are always thinking there is something more, it distracts you from the day to day “boring” Christian life we are called to. It makes you think you are elite when in reality you are poor. It also made me realize what Christ preached when He said in the last days many will say “Lord Lord did we not prophesy in Your name?”

    May God open people’s eyes before it is too late for them. 😦

  4. if you aren’t an adherent to the prosperity gospel, why not post this book for free on the internet

    you are profiting just like the rest of them

      1. Hello Anthony, I could also have this book for free? Are you serious? Is it for real?

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